🌟  THE  🌟   Council  🌟of 🌟Elders (☆ŁŚ) 🌟

Updated on NOVEMBER 7
The Council of Elders(☆ŁŚ)name tag
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Deathdealerz(≗ŁŚ)Captain (≗ŁŚ).
Twilight Tribe Leader (≙ŁŚ)
Blackbullet (≗ŁŚ)sergeant (≗ŁŚ)
SAPPHIRE (≗ŁŚ)sergeant (≗ŁŚ)

The Council of Elders is made up of trusting members of the clan. The Council works within a democratic structure voting on what is best for all of the clan. These ideals keep the community from being about one person’s quest. The Council is led by the Empress  and the Right Hand of the Empress. Membership isdetermined by them as well. Any propositions of promotions to Captians and Tribe Leaders must be approved by The Council of Elders, the Empress, and her Right Hand.