*fox visits twilights house and says hey to everyone as they greeted him*

it was a cool eavening with a small breaze over the dezard flore
this part of the LEGACIES is cald SANDSTONE
there manny thangs thank can appear in the SANDSTONE deazard
and one day prince TWILIGHT ls found one that was back In the summer of 1996, Twilight was exploring in the ◇Sandstone desert when he came across a beautiful oasis, it had a waterfal and a small cave.
He decided to make this his secret hideout,
◇SANDSTONE FALLS. established by ☆†ખïłïφђ†☆ŁŚ☆
well it soon be came like the family hide out
☆๓åłėfïçėń†☆ŁŚ☆ had a call from ☆†ખïłïφђ†☆ŁŚ☆ mom mom come see ☆๓åłėfïçėń†☆ŁŚ☆ went to son place in SANDSTONE falls
when upon arrival at SANDSTONE fall MALEFICENT was greated bye her son prince TWILIGHT and MISHKAGOLD and some famley
every one was talking on the new chapter we all was working on
MaleficentLS – Then Joseph hexed him as a vampire
TwilightLS- I need to go read that again. Meow
MaleficentLS – That’s why doing backstories. Makes the rp a bit more fun. Plus it gives ones something to work from
TwilightLS – Woof
MaleficentLS – We’re writing one hell of a story.
when there a knock at the door it was Laughingfox610 ☆๓åłėfïçėń†☆ŁŚ☆ bf came join in ever one greeted fox
☆๓åłėfïçėń†☆ŁŚ☆ sneeks a kiss in there as all started back in on the book
☆๓åłėfïçėń†☆ŁŚ☆ the chapter is looking so cool
LaughingFox610 – I agree with you there beautiful
TwilightLS – Squeak, Squeak
MaleficentLS – ok
TwilightLS – Chirp chirp
MishkaGold – Wolf Wolf
MaleficentLS – ok. What do you want to do today?
SilyMacarenaLS – I’m going to eat quickly. See you later.
TwilightLS – Ok. It’s tonight for me
SilyMacarenaLS – Bye sis
MaleficentLS – Ok sis. I’m eating left over pizza, be safe and enjoy. Love you hugs Bbtmag
TwilightLS – I’m going to eat gelatin if it ever decides to set
SilyMacarenaLS – Enjoy. I have to go check what I got.
MaleficentLS – ok
SilyMacarenaLS – love you too tight hugs
TwilightLS – poof goes foxy
SilyMacarenaLS – Bye everyone
MaleficentLS – Welcome back love
TwilightLS – What does the Fox say?
LaughingFox610 – Thankyou beautiful
TwilightLS – What think of my pet wolf, I called him spirit.
LaughingFox610 – Heyaggheee Heyaggheee
MaleficentLS – Love it
TwilightLS – lol
LaughingFox610 – I like your wolf
TwilightLS – Thanks and Thanks
MaleficentLS – guess what
TwilightLS – What What What What?
MaleficentLS – Son this is your place.
TwilightLS – Yes
LaughingFox610 – What?
TwilightLS – Well Twilight Son lol
MaleficentLS – What you going to name it?
TwilightLS – I don’t know
MaleficentLS – ok
TwilightLS – had something in mind?
MaleficentLS – well let’s say part SANDSTONE because all sand. So what would this place be named then?
TwilightLS – Hmmm. Let me think
MaleficentLS – I going to take PICTURES.
TwilightLS – Sandstone falls
MaleficentLS – and you named it! Like. Set it. I take pictures. Fox will record it.
TwilightLS – what’s the sandstone symbol again?
MaleficentLS – and we do a write up for it
TwilightLS – oh remember the legacies spa and salon? Finished it
MaleficentLS – The dimon ◇
Twilight – sit
MaleficentLS – ok. Ok it’s not reset for me so send screenshot of what the room description says.
TwilightLS – I need to think of one. The pride house is sort of done and spa salon is done.
MaleficentLS – What would you want it to say? Say like haunted, a get away, a hideout
TwilightLS – I got an idea
MaleficentLS – yes tell
TwilightLS – wait and see. I’ll write it up
TwilightLS – ok done
MaleficentLS – ok send me
TwilightLS – sent
MaleficentLS – Thanks. Took pictures. Would you like to tell about place?
TwilightLS – I’ll do a mini write up about it
MaleficentLS – cool. Hi
TwilightLS – hi
SerenaD – Hey
MaleficentLS – hi. How are you doing?
SerenaD – I’m doing okay Thankyou. How about yourself?
MaleficentLS – Doing great. Done eating
SerenaD – well I’m glad that you are doing. I wish happiness on everybody everyday. I hate seeing people unhappy.
MaleficentLS – Thanks. We all very happy
SerenaD – your very welcome. I’ll be outside
MaleficentLS – why outside?
SerenaD – Beautiful outside. I love sitting near the water, especially when there’s a waterfall
MaleficentLS – Cool. Reading sons write up. Like it and I got Allis PICTURES I had her do and now she’s doing hers. I’ll be adding all the stuff in the times.
TwilightLS – Back. Was reading the story
MaleficentLS – I think we add that
TwilightLS – Ok cool
MaleficentLS – but instead of her LAUGHTER say weeping
TwilightLS – It adds to the creepiness of the story. Yes good idea
MaleficentLS – we all write a damn good book.
TwilightLS – or if want it really scary can maybe say can hear Joseph crying as dark star tortured her for what she did to her. Yes Yes
MaleficentLS – That’s good. We can add that in. Take note
TwilightLS – cool
MaleficentLS – I want to do a hot spicy scene but have to keep it PG
TwilightLS – Can’t do more then kissing then
MaleficentLS – Giggles. Now at the LIBRARY. When it was under construction it was attacked and ones was slowly tortured there.
TwilightLS – Oooh fun
MaleficentLS – Yes so need to be thinking up ways one would torture ones in LIBRARY. Paper cuts with garlic oils put in them
TwilightLS – I can help some with that. I think that might be where all the dreams where I get tortured to death might help.
MaleficentLS – Would send their blood boiling hot. Dripping spots of water over ones head in the same spot makes them cave in and drives them insane until death
TwilightLS – Hanging upside down. Saw in half but life longer because all blood at brain. Cutting off body parts sewing it too others
MaleficentLS – like
TwilightLS – cut off feet and tell them too outrun the hounds
MaleficentLS – see need ideas. Cut back ankles. Can’t walk
TwilightLS – Take off cloths. Sit them down on blunt spike. Tie feet. Weight on feet. Peel off faces and wear them as mask making a play
MaleficentLS – Take and hang upside down and skin them alive
TwilightLS – Put In cage on roof. Crow eat them
MaleficentLS – Nice. See we need some of this.
TwilightLS – Nail to wall and let them starve
MaleficentLS – to the dungeon too. Buried alive in walls
TwilightLS – see this is the f up things I dream of. Put rat in metal bucket. Tie bucket to belly and heat up bucket. Rat eat away at body to get away from heat
MaleficentLS – put in box and let rat eat alive
TwilightLS – I never though my f up nightmares would be helpful
MaleficentLS – lol. We need to write all down so we can put it in storyline
TwilightLS – This just some of the stuff I dream of. Most of the stuff can’t have in book. It too bad if want keep it PG
MaleficentLS – write out for me and I take to see if I can transform it.
TwilightLS – ok I do tomorrow. It’s 23h23
MaleficentLS – ok sweety
LaughingFox610 – welcome back
MishkaGold – Thankyou
MaleficentLS – Welcome back sweety
MishkaGold – Thankyou
MaleficentLS – I got bubbles in my belly. I working on 3k to get dress
TwilightLS – cool what dress?
MaleficentLS – well it’s nothing special
TwilightLS – is it a pretty dress?
MaleficentLS – yes
TwilightLS – send me screenshots. I want to see
MaleficentLS – No you try and get it giggles
TwilightLS – How I’m too poor. I think I have like 800 coins
MaleficentLS – ok I take PICTURES
TwilightLS – ok cool
MishkaGold – I have 120 coins….
TwilightLS – Lol I’m how you feel
MaleficentLS – I love you. But where in hell did you get that kind of money?
LaughingFox610 – smiles I’ve been saving up for some time beautiful
TwilightLS – lol
LaughingFox610 – I got 500 coins now but was over 10k. Was going to get all of them for you beautiful
MaleficentLS – really fox got me three of them.
TwilightLS – which ones left?
MaleficentLS – there this one
LaughingFox610 – love you too beautiful
MaleficentLS – there sent the screenshots
TwilightLS – wow they nice. Fox is generous. I wish I had coins to get the last one.
LaughingFox610 – I had to pay her back for gifting me the paired dance and dance moves. I took that as an opportunity to do that 😁
MaleficentLS – You silly thing. You don’t need to do that. But I do love them
LaughingFox610 – I’m glad you do beautiful
Maleficent shows gold dress
MaleficentLS – This one be good like in SANDSTONE pictures. See
LaughingFox610 – I agree. Nice colour and looks sandstoney
MaleficentLS – I was thinking. What would she be and what would happen and what part would she play?
LaughingFox610 – It could be Joseph
MaleficentLS – and she could be from SANDSTONE. She’s a witch and if at MODELING school she would be hot.
LaughingFox610 – Your right yes as she’s training to become a model.
MaleficentLS – and she’s 17
LaughingFox610 – something a 17 would wear. Also plus it looks fashionable too. Something that could be wore in modelling school.
MaleficentLS – ok lets try
Maleficent shows a green dress
MaleficentLS – This can be an outfit for the kids. It changes colour. I can change makeup and hair
LaughingFox610 – That would make a good uniform if it changes colour
MaleficentLS – and do pictures of all of them different
LaughingFox610 – makes the photos interesting that way
MaleficentLS – yes and we know like they are all ghosts. Like son can do some for the boys but I got to find the outfit. See this be like and some can make like fairy’s and all
LaughingFox610 – I like that. Fairy’s and elves for the boys.
MaleficentLS – I put together an editing kit. It will have different pictures, frames and logos
LaughingFox610 – yes that’s a good idea. You would know who wears what.
MaleficentLS – It would have all our pictures in it and thing is as I add on ones got now I can add to a file on chip and save there then have to use. Ok come
Maleficent leaves as the group follow her

◇SANDSTONE FALLS. established by ☆†ખïłïφђ†☆ŁŚ☆

In the summer of 1996, Twilight was exploring in the ◇Sandstone desert when he came across a beautiful oasis, it had a waterfal and a small cave. He decided to make this his secret hideout, a place to go and chill. He started by building a tent next to the waterfall. Over the course of the summer Twilight slipped out everyday to go and work on his hideout.He would teleport furniture items to his new hideout. Near the end of the summer his hideout was completed. When he sat on the top of the waterfall looking out on his hideout he decided to call it the ◇SANDSTONE FALLS.To this day he keeps his hideout a secret, slipping away every now and then to go and be alone.

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